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Epitope prediction

This page allows you to find out the ligation strength to a defined HLA type for a sequence of aminoacids. The algorithmus used are based on the book "MHC Ligands and Peptide Motifs" by H.G.Rammensee, J.Bachmann and S.Stevanovic. The probability of being processed and presented is given in order to predict T-cell epitopes.

1. Select MHC type 2. Choose a mer
If you chose “all”, max. sequence length is 100 aminoacids (letters)!

Hold down ctrl key when clicking
to select multiple items

3. Paste your sequence here: 4. Choose Run to start analysis
Max. input 2048 aminoacids (letters)!
Letters only, no numbers or non-ASCII-symbols please.
You may use 'SYFPEITHI' with H2-Kd to see an example.